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7 Marijuana Seedling Grow Tips

Two Day Old AutoBlueberry Seedling

Two Day Old AutoBlueberry Seedling

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and, for home outdoor growers, it’s time to pop those seeds and get this year’s first grow started.

Novice growers should keep a few things in mind to ensure success during the delicate seedling stage. This short article will all but guarantee that your newly-sprouted seeds will soon be on their way to becoming healthy, happy adults. Here’s a list of 7 important tips to get your plants started right: Read More…

High CBD Strains 2013 – Choosing a High CBD Marijuana Strain

High CBD Strain

9781476121598.225x225-75[Writer Glenn Panik’s “How To Grow Cannabis At Home: A Guide To Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing”, is available on iTunes here, for the Amazon Kindle or via Smashwords here. You can also order the ‘stealth title’ of our information-packed ebook for the Kindle here.]

As the legalization of medical marijuana makes headway into many states in the USA, the medical use of cannabis is finally gaining understanding and acceptance in both the public eye and the medical community. Finally, patients suffering from sleep and eating disorders, nausea, IBD, Crohns Disease, and a variety of nerve and gastrointestinal disorders can gain comfort in a very natural and balanced way. That is, if they can get the right variety of medical marijuana to treat their symptoms. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is only one useful compound in the cannabis plant, and medical research is finding that CBD (cannabidiol) is more useful in treating gastrointestinal discomfort and sleep disorders, for example, than THC. Read More…