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Glenn Panik is a certified provider of medical marijuana in the state of California, and has been an active proponent of the medical use of cannabis for over two decades. “Glenn Panik” is a pen name that the author uses to protect the privacy of his certified medical marijuana recipients.

The information on this site is provided expressly for the purpose of educating legal medical marijuana patients about the cultivation of marijuana for their own personal use. The author and this site’s editors in no way condone – nor can be held responsible for –  the use of this information in a way not intended in the spirit and sense of it’s publication. We do not condone the illegal cultivation of marijuana! In fact, we hope and strive for the decriminalization or legalization of this useful and healthful plant, which will benefit the health of both humanity and our global ecosystem. So there.

You may contact Glenn Panik via email, just tun the coming sentence into an email address (hopefully this will slow down spammers!): Write to “glenn.panik” and then add an “at” symbol. Follow that with “gmail”, and then the ubiquitous “dot com”. Use a “.” instead of the word “dot”, of course.

9 responses to “About / Contact”

  1. Brenda Harper says :

    My cousin does have a certified medical marijuana card. He has inoperable bone cancer and can not use regular pain killers. The cost buying this stuff limits the amount I can give him. This could go on for 2 years per doctor. I know little to nothing about the plant other than it is helping!!! I want to find plants or seeds at least to grow some. He can grow 12 plants. I am desperately looking for high CBD plant strains. Any help would be appreciated.

    • glennpanik says :

      I suggest you check the medical marijuana law in your state regarding how to obtain seeds legally. It may be that they must be provided by the state, or it could be that medical marijuana dispensaries in your state can source and sell seeds to patients who are legally allowed to grow cannabis. I can’t, unfortunately, suggest that you go ahead and order, for example, “Royal Medic” Seeds from royalqueenseeds.com (they do offer “discreet envelope” shipping to the US on their site…), since having them shipped to the US is technically illegal.
      I should add that 12 plants is a very generous allotment for your cousin’s grow – a single plant grown properly can yield a very large quantity of medical marijuana. If seed cost is a factor (some new high CBD strains can be very expensive) he should grow just one or two plants, topping them to increase the number of large buds produced. This will take a bit longer for the plants to finish, but since he is allowed to grow multiple plants, he can start growing the next batch shortly thereafter to keep his medical marijuana in supply. This way, even if the yield is small (if you choose a budget grow method) the supply can be kept constant. Best regards, G.P.

      • glennpanik says :

        I should note that the “topping” technique is NOT for autoflowering varieties. If he chooses an autoflowering variety, just be sure that the plants get plenty of light to increase the yield. Since he is allowed to grow with his MM Card, I encourage him to do it! Success is all but guaranteed – cannabis is a resilient plant, and most first time growers have success if they just put in a little time learning the ropes. best, gp

  2. James Petty says :

    Will this book ever be offered in print?
    Thank You

  3. steve says :

    I have to get the paperback, just the little glimpse into constructing soil that promotes females is wonderful! Im new, taking it slow and reading tons of things. The soil is key of course but this seems to be the only SOLID reference as to which ingredients(soil recipe ),when and why. Not knocking anyones methods or anything but none of what ive came across went into detail of why r why not to use certain fertilizer/amendments. Cant wait to read the full issue, KEEP THE KNOWLEDGE COMING, MANY OF US NEED YOU!!

  4. Lamar Davis says :

    Nice work… ar the ruderalis the original ruderalis from the black sea area?

  5. Taimour says :

    Good stuff…. Could you tell me why there are no buds on female cannabis plant growing wild near my home the plant is healthy and tall. now producing seeds but no buds. P.S. it is quiet hot where i live 30+ centigrade.

  6. Tammy says :

    Hi…My story is unique. I dont grow marijuana. My husband and I smoke and get our weed FROM VERY good dispensary in Colorado. For the 10 yrs we have been smoking, on and off, we both suffer from chronic pain, we never ever came across a seed in our weed until recently…..I planted the seed, not knowing any knowledge about growing or if it’s a female or Male plant.

    I started my seed on it’s way to grow week of April 12th, 2020. Today, as I am growing and taking CARE of the plant myself, its fucking huge!!!! Today is June 22, 2020 , I’m positive it’s a female as now I am educating myself. I’m just wondering as I am waiting for “the flower stage” can I send you pictures of my plant so you can tell me what’s going on with it?

    My name is Tammy, I’m 59 yrs old and I have a very green thumb!!!! I named my plant Mary Jane and decided TODAY IF she never buds she is going to make a hell of a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! Thank you for your time and let me know where I can send my pics….

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