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100w CFL Grow: Results

Dinafem Critical+ Harvest Day

Dinafem Critical+ Harvest Day

After a close peek at the trichomes with a 20x magnifier, I decided it was time to harvest these hundred-Watt beauties. Honestly, the DG x AK cross could have gone another week or 10 days, but I had the free time at that point. (Please note that this was about 10 days ago now, so I have dried harvest weights available below.

So now the payoff: What did we get for our gardening efforts under 100 Watts of CFL lighting? Read More…

100 Watt CFL Grow / Update #1: In The Nursery – Marijuana Seeding Care

[Note: This post is a part of our 100 watt grow journal. See the first post here. Subscribe to follow this grow step-by-step, with tips and tricks along the way. The varieties growing are Dinafem Critical+, and our own house-bred crosses; AK x DG, and RQSAuto x DG. For details on their heritage, see the first post.]

In The Nursery / Under 75 Watts CFL 6500k

In The Nursery / Under 6500k CFL Bulbs

Just two days after the previous post, the then-sprouting hybrid seeds are enjoying a “sun”bath in 6500k CFL lighting and are now showing their first true leaves. Three 25watt 6500k CFL bulbs are shown in the picture, and one more was moved out of the way for the picture – in total they will be under 100 watts for this grow.

This is a good chance to give you a few more seedling care tips that have occurred to me since the previous post on the topic. I like to start seedlings in soil, rather than in rockwool, special sponge pads, etc. I have had better luck in the past transplanting them into soil when they were started in soil.

In this case, I used some flower potting soil I had handy – which is usually a no-no! Read More…