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100 Watt CFL Grow / Update #1: In The Nursery – Marijuana Seeding Care

[Note: This post is a part of our 100 watt grow journal. See the first post here. Subscribe to follow this grow step-by-step, with tips and tricks along the way. The varieties growing are Dinafem Critical+, and our own house-bred crosses; AK x DG, and RQSAuto x DG. For details on their heritage, see the first post.]

In The Nursery / Under 75 Watts CFL 6500k

In The Nursery / Under 6500k CFL Bulbs

Just two days after the previous post, the then-sprouting hybrid seeds are enjoying a “sun”bath in 6500k CFL lighting and are now showing their first true leaves. Three 25watt 6500k CFL bulbs are shown in the picture, and one more was moved out of the way for the picture – in total they will be under 100 watts for this grow.

This is a good chance to give you a few more seedling care tips that have occurred to me since the previous post on the topic. I like to start seedlings in soil, rather than in rockwool, special sponge pads, etc. I have had better luck in the past transplanting them into soil when they were started in soil.

In this case, I used some flower potting soil I had handy – which is usually a no-no! Read More…

Choosing A Marijuana Strain, Pt.4: Should I Choose AutoFlowering aka “Autofem” Or Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Autofem or Standard? Here is a list of the pros and cons of purchasing standard marijuana seeds vs. choosing autoflowering feminized (aka “autofem) seeds. I’ve grown standard, feminized, and “autofem” seeds, and have always been satisfied with the results, although I was looking for different characteristics in each case.

Learning about what you can expect from the strain and seed type is key to choosing the right seeds for your grow. Be sure to order our info-packed and fully illustrated eBook on iBooks, the indie publisher “Smashwords” (provides you with all ebook formats”, or – for those of you rightfully concerned about your privacy – our new “Privacy Edition” of the Ebook on the Amazon Kindle.

In this post there are tips for producing more females from of your standard seeds. Yes – there are ways of encouraging cannabis plants to mature into females rather than males. For now, let’s move on to the lists:

The Pros And Cons Of AutoFem (Autoflowering Feminized) Seeds

Pros: Read More…

Do Autoflowering Seeds Save Electricity? What Are The Real Advantages Of Autofem Plants?

I’ve seen online seed stores advertising autoflowering/autofem seeds as “saving you electricity” during your grow. Is this true? Are these actually “more efficient plants?” or is this just more marketing jive to convince you to buy seeds that you cannot reproduce easily at home, assuring that you’ll buy more from the seed bank?

Let us look at the facts about the use of electricity during your grow. The math isn’t even complicated, and we don’t even need to know what you pay for electricity per kWH, since we’re talking about your grow location one way or another. We’ll assume that you want to grow a single plant, using 125 Watts of lighting – a typical small, personal medical marijuana home grow.

All you need to keep in mind is that Read More…

Choosing A Marijuana Strain, Pt.3: All About Autoflowering Seeds.

Before you read this post, take a moment to watch this short video from Dutch Passion, one of the better cannabis seed banks:

This is a great example of the wonders modern cannabis breeders are achieving with cannabis genetics. The “Auto Mazar” from Dutch Passion is an incredible piece of work; an auto-flowering, high yielding, very potent cannabis plant that will go from seed to harvest in 2 1/2 months. Damn. (I should note here that I am in no way affiliated with Dutch Passion).

Even with less perfect conditions than those in which they grew that monster plant in the video, you can be sure to harvest enough buds to medicate for a long period of time! I am currently doing the easy “window grow” technique from my new ebook with an autoflowering plant, and will harvest about 20 grams from a plant that I used no additional lighting to grow. Breeders of these strains of cannabis have made tremendous leaps in productivity and quality of the plants in the last few years. They are no longer “something for home growers who don’t mind low quality marijuana” – they are serious seeds for any grower to consider cultivating.

So what is an auto-flowering or “autofem” cannabis plant? How is this different from a standard cannabis plant? Why is that something a home grower should be interested in? We need to learn a bit more about the humble Cannabis r. to understand the significance of an autoflowering cannabis plant: Read More…