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Choosing A Marijuana Strain, Pt.4: Should I Choose AutoFlowering aka “Autofem” Or Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Autofem or Standard? Here is a list of the pros and cons of purchasing standard marijuana seeds vs. choosing autoflowering feminized (aka “autofem) seeds. I’ve grown standard, feminized, and “autofem” seeds, and have always been satisfied with the results, although I was looking for different characteristics in each case.

Learning about what you can expect from the strain and seed type is key to choosing the right seeds for your grow. Be sure to order our info-packed and fully illustrated eBook on iBooks, the indie publisher “Smashwords” (provides you with all ebook formats”, or – for those of you rightfully concerned about your privacy – our new “Privacy Edition” of the Ebook on the Amazon Kindle.

In this post there are tips for producing more females from of your standard seeds. Yes – there are ways of encouraging cannabis plants to mature into females rather than males. For now, let’s move on to the lists:

The Pros And Cons Of AutoFem (Autoflowering Feminized) Seeds

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Lemon Haze? Auto Blueberry? Afghan Kush? Choosing A Marijuana Strain For Your Grow, Pt.1

Indica/sativa hybrid in flowering

The most daunting task as a novice grower is probably choosing a cannabis strain for your grow. Googling “cannabis strains”, “seed shop”, “or “buy marijuana seeds” will just leave you reeling from the seemingly endless variety of seeds available.

You may already be familiar with the basic sub-types of the cannabis plant; the warmth-loving, tall growing Cannabis Sativa, the bushier, cooler-climate adapted Cannabis Indica, and the wily, northern Cannabis Ruderalis.

The cannabis seeds you have perused online are likely to be hybrids (in varying proportion), raised from Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis plants.  Reputable online shops such as Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, and Nirvana Seeds often provide you with information about the origin of the parent plants (if available) and provide a list of the characteristics you can expect from the plants that will grow from their seeds.

(The stress is on “can expect”. There are even variations within a given strain of seeds, although the long established seed banks are known for the stability of the seed strains they offer; the descriptions they provide are backed by much experience in breeding marijuana plants. Caveat emptor.)

The first thing you should ask yourself is, Read More…