Make Your Own Autoflowering Seeds – Royal Queen Seeds “Royal Automatic” Autoflowering x White Label “Double Gum”

I’ve been curious as to what kind of plants we’ll get if we cross an autoflowering strain with one of my favorite standard plant, White Label’s “Double Gum” (see our earlier posts for Double Gum info).We had an extra “Royal Automatic” seed from Royal Queen Seeds that we started on a windowsill, just to see how it would turn out without extra lighting.

The plant flowered after about 3 1/2 weeks, and after flowering was underway for 2-3 weeks, I simply sprinkled the flowers with pollen from a male “Double Gum” plant using a dry paintbrush dipped into the pollen. It’s really easy to make your own seeds. Here’s a picture of the plant after about 5 weeks of flowering:

The plant is a mere 15 inches tall, due to the relatively meager light that it received during vegetation on a simple windowsill. These plants can grow quite a bit larger if you give ’em full sun, but we wanted just a small plant for trying out a homespun autoflower strain. I’m expecting that the offspring from this cross may not all be 100% autoflowering, but we’ll try them outdoors in the spring and see what happens.

Here’s a photo right before cutting the plant down to dry and harvest the seeds (about 8 weeks of flowering):

You can see that we waited for the plant to show full ripeness; chlorosis in the fan leaves, loss of some fans leaves, and the “disappearing pistils” indicating full, ripe buds (calyxes).

I should note that although the mother seed (RQS Royal Automatic) was an autoflowering feminized seeds, the father plant was a standard male, and will have fertilized the buds with both male and female pollen, so the offspring won’t be “autofem” seeds, but rather both male and female. And as I mentioned before, may not be entirely auto! If the quality is good, they could be selected in a next generation and further refined/female pollen produced for feminized seeds.

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Bookmark this site and check back later for updates with pics of the harvested seeds and a look at the offspring of this interesting cross-breeding experiment!

best regards,

glenn panik


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12 responses to “Make Your Own Autoflowering Seeds – Royal Queen Seeds “Royal Automatic” Autoflowering x White Label “Double Gum””

  1. Midowo says :

    How did this went? I think you will have only about 25 % autoflowers as autoflowering trait is recessive but I may be wrong, maybe you can send me an email where to find the result?

    • glennpanik says :

      Some of these plants are in the “100 Watt Grow” posts (RQS x DG) – there are two in there, and I am hoping for a female! I am going to let them stay in the vegetative phase for about a week longer and see if they start to flower. So far they look a lot more like dad! (The Double Gum pant)

  2. Raz says :

    May I make a suggestion ? Ok I will anyhow hehehe , Get your fav autofem seed when you get it up about 5 nodes spray the bottom 3 with CS ( 18 to 21 days should do ) when mature remove the pollen from the bottom 3 and pollinate the top branches, I think you’ll be happy with the outcome : )

  3. Phillip Shaw says :

    What’s a cs raz?

  4. abnegkinggis says :

    Is there any shops in internet where i can get pure ruderalis seeds, or do i need to visit russia, i love breeding aswell..

    • glennpanik says :

      It is certainly possible, although I personally have not seen them offered.
      Some argue that there is a “true ruderalis” only found in Russia, but I contend that this is not the case (through experience).
      Keep in mind that “ruderalis” comes from the term ‘ruderal’, meaning a plant species first to colonize disturbed or soil or land. Prior to Marijuana prohibition, hemp was widely cultivated, and naturally produced an abundance of seeds where cultivated. Even after crops were razed at prohibition, seeds spread via the typical natural means, and as plants grew in uncultivated circumstances, variations naturally occur (see Darwin) and in order for this wily species to survive, the plants that flowered earliest were naturally selected. Early flowering plants are naturally shorter, exhibiting what a lot of talk on the web attributes to “ruderalis”. I have found plants flowering as early as mid-September on the 41st parallel, collected seeds, and successfully bred “autoflowering” strains crossed with several of our favorite strains. See a previous post for tips on where to look. Happy hunting! – GP

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