100 Watt CFL Grow / Update#6: What Should A Marijuana Plant Look Like After Two Weeks Of Flowering?

Dinafem Critical+ 2 Weeks Flowering

After two weeks of flowering, the two female plants in this grow are looking great – lots of white pistils, and calyxes beginning to thicken at the bases. This is really a low-maintenance part of the grow. The light schedule is 12 on/12 off, and the plants are getting alternating waterings of plain water and our “Sweet Jane Molasses Drink” (see the next upcoming post for the recipe and why molasses is a great fertilizer/soil booster).

The lights are switched to 2700k bulbs, and I must note that the total wattage is in fact up closer to 150 Watts at this point. The most efficient CFL 2700 Watt bulbs I found for this “homestyle” grow are 33 Watts each. I replaced four 25 Watt 6500k bulbs with 33 Watt 2700k bulbs, for a total of 132 Watts of lighting. This is “cheating” in a way, since I wanted to stick to around 100 Watts, but I felt it was more fitting to keep two bulbs on each plant instead of reducing the lighting during flowering, which would be a bad idea. If you are running a similar low-wattage grow, I suggest you err on the higher side for lighting during flowering, as this is critical for bud formation.

I know some comments will come in to the effect of “Why don’t you put them under 250 Watts HPS for flowering!? You won’t get fat buds under CFL bulbs!!” Well, why not put them under 600 Watts then? Or just outside in the full sun? Well, that’s not the point of this particular grow journal!

I know there are a lot of growers out there who would like to use hardware store supplies, and keep their power consumption down for various reasons. This journal is here to show what someone growing under these conditions can expect if they otherwise follow proper growing techniques. The above photo is the Dinafem Critical+ plant, and the following photo the Afghan Kush / Double Gum crossbreed. Both plants are now 8 weeks old (give or take a day or two) and have been flowering for just over two weeks.

Afghan Kush x Double Gum, 2 Weeks Of Flowering, Close On One Cola

Afghan Kush x Double Gum, 2 Weeks Of Flowering, Close On One Cola

If you are looking to reproduce this kind of grow (or a larger home grow), then you should pick up our eBook along with the various grow materials you will need – in fact, the book will help you prepare your grow so that your plants will be healthy, happy, flowering plants in just two months, too!

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One response to “100 Watt CFL Grow / Update#6: What Should A Marijuana Plant Look Like After Two Weeks Of Flowering?”

  1. Snobo (@snerber) says :

    What kind of medium and nutes did you use for this? I have pretty much the same setup as you (2 40w and 1 55w – all 2700k) and an easy-grow strain (Afghan) and it started to bloom and then just kind of stopped about a week ago. Is a plateau mid-flowering normal? It’s my 1st grow. What’s this “sweet jane molasses drink” of which you speak? I searched your whole blog and found nary another mention of it. Is it just molasses in water? I’m giving mine nutes with molasses (plus guano, rock phosphate etc) and nothing is happening.

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