100 Watt CFL Grow / Update#8: Catching up – Marijuana Pants Near The End Of Flowering

One Month into Flowering - Dinafem Critical +

One Month into Flowering – Dinafem Critical +

Thanks for tuning in again, and my apologies about not sticking to weekly updates as I had hoped to do.

The plants are actually now harvested, and I am surprised at the results. You’ll soon see that 100 Watts (or a hair more) of CFL lighting can make you a rather happy home grower. But I digress… We first need to catch up with some pictures from last week showing our two plants in the final weeks of flowering. They fattened up nicely, although the Double Gum/Afghan Kush cross kept itself well hidden in a wreath of dark green leaves.

The above photo is from a little over 2 weeks ago – showing the Dinafem Critical + plant at four weeks of flowering. Below are some more pictures from last week (Nov 9th) at about 6 weeks into flowering. Checking the trichomes showed a lot of milky heads and even a few browned (oxidized) trichomes, so the time was coming for harvest this week.

Here are some pictures of the Critical + plant last week:

Critical+ 6 Weeks Flowering Critical+ All Buds 6 Weeks

Not bad for an easy home grow/hardware tore/CFL grow! Be sure to pick up our ebook for all the right tips on getting these kind of results at home!

The DG x AK cross could have gone another week or more – the buds just weren’t quite as developed as the Crit+, and she looked like she wanted to make yet another stretch up for the sky! That’s how it is with some Sativa hybrids (the Double Gum genes) and crossbred plants are always unpredictable:

Up, up and away... the DG x AK cross-bred plant wants to keep going.

Up, up and away… the DG x AK cross-bred plant wants to keep going.

Alright – next week I will post the harvest photos. Be sure to come back and see what this project was able to produce! The Dinafen Critical + pictures above should give you a hint…

Best Regards,

Glenn Panik

9781476121598.225x225-75[Author and Medical Marijuana Grower Glenn Panik’s “How To Grow Cannabis At Home: A Guide To Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing”, is available on iTunes book here, or for the Amazon Kindle . You can also order the ‘stealth title’ of our information-packed ebook for the Kindle here. Protect your privacy!]



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  1. buddy says :

    nice ladys how much bud you think you will get from them

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