100 Watt LED Grow Results – RQS “Power Flower” Grow and Smoke Report

Ready for harvest. Almost too pretty to cut!

Royal Queen Seeds “Power Flower” ready for harvest. Almost too pretty to cut.

Thanks to all our readers for the great stats on our blog over the last months! We have been hard at work on new projects, and have not posted in a while, here are some new pictures of recent “small home grow” results.

We’ve been quite happy with Royal Queen Seeds’ strain called “Power Flower”, which was a “set-me-up-to-grow” request from one of our medical strain customers. They had great results using 100 watts of LED lighting which we recommended supplementing with a pair of 23 watt CFL lights for side illumination during flowering.

The grow went entirely without problems, and the plants produced healthy, deep green foliage using our “Dark Chocolate” soil recipe (see our Ebook for that one), leading to firm buds with a distinctly “cannabis” aroma. Not a lot of esoteric “lemony, honey, coffee, etc.” aromas here – just good old bud!  Here’s a closer pic of the buds at harvest time:

A bit closer on the buds. Firm, thick buds just begging to be properly cured.

A bit closer on the buds. Firm, thick buds just begging to be properly cured.

This was a great grow for a beginner (we did set it up for them, but they had no problem with the day-to-day care) and was done very quickly for a sativa strain – just over 9 weeks from flowering start!

So the big question – how is the smoke? This one gets a four of five stars in my book. It’s a strong sativa, but not too “heady”. The taste is just fine if you’re not looking for all those “gourmet” sorts of side tastes that are so popular right now. Great for medical use, to be sure, but this one was just great for a puff on a sunny Sunday afternoon…



9781476121598.225x225-75[Author and Medical Marijuana Grower Glenn Panik’s “How To Grow Cannabis At Home: A Guide To Indoor Medical Marijuana Growing”, is available on iTunes book here, or for the Amazon Kindle . You can also order the ‘stealth title’ of our information-packed ebook for the Kindle here. Protect your privacy!]



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