Are There Male Autoflowering Marijuana Plants? Can I Make Autoflowering Seeds?


If you are interested in autoflowering marijuana varieties, you have probably noticed that all commercially available seeds are not only autoflowering, but feminized as well. Often referred to as “autofem” varieties, these fast-flowering plants not only provide an easy grow for beginning green-thumbs; they are fast flowering, there’s no danger of messing up your flowering cycle with lighting accidents, and there’s no need to sort male plants from female plants. What feminized seeds also do – autoflowering or not – is ensure that customers will be back for more seeds.

You can’t hold anything against seed banks/breeders for wanting customers to come back and buy more seeds (as long as they keep prices reasonable), but wouldn’t it be convenient to harvest a few seeds along with your cannabis crop, and have the next round of plants ready to go without the added expense of ordering more seeds? [Growers who propagate new pants from clones off of a mother plant may well know that you can’t clone an autoflowering plant, making seeds a necessity for autoflowering weed growers!]

So, we come to the question – are there male autoflowering plants? How are breeders getting more seeds, if all they seem to have are autofem seeds? The answer is that yes, male autoflowering plants most certainly do exist, and you will see them if you do some breeding for yourself. See out earlier post on the topic, and you’ll see the mother plant, a cross of a male “Double Gum” pant and the “Royal Automatic” from Royal Queen Seeds. We’ve recently grown a few of these seeds, and have some that aren’t autoflowering (and as of yet of undetermined sex), as well as two female autoflowering plants and one male.

By collecting pollen from the male (pictured above), and carrying over his autoflowering tendency to another generation – by fertilizing a female AutoBlueberry plant – we’ll get a batch of seeds that should have a preponderance of autoflowering plants. Among these will be males, of course, who will have even more stable autoflowering tendencies, and we can continue to breed our own autoflowering seeds. You can do this too – it’s not rocket science! You may not always get plants that produce the most amazing buds around, but they will be your babies. And like any good parent, you’ll love them, however ugly they may be!

best regards

glenn panik

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16 responses to “Are There Male Autoflowering Marijuana Plants? Can I Make Autoflowering Seeds?”

  1. matt says :

    I currently have a auto shark plant if i was to leave it past its flowering time would it produce seeds and how do you cross 2 autos together ie auto shark x auto bubble gum thanks stonner out

    • glennpanik says :

      Most autoflowering varieties are also feminized, so you won’t get seeds from your plants unless they produce a few hermaphrodite male flowers… In this case you may get some seeds, but you’d have to let them ripen fully, which means sacrificing bud for seed. I imagine it’s a fair guess that you don’t want to let the bud go to waste for the sake of a few seeds. Your best bet is to run a grow where you set aside a quality female AF plant and fertilize those flowers from another male AF. The AF trait is also recessive, so crossing a female AF with pollen from a standard male won’t likely produce many AF offspring. Breeding is tricky – a science unto itself! best regards, GP

  2. keith says :

    How many seeds per auto flower plant do you get?

  3. blair says :

    What would the seeds sex be from an autofem plant?
    Not pollinated just a couple of super size seeds found in a flower,literally twice the size of normal.
    Plant was pulled a little late but not overly.

  4. badbrad says :

    H e hey is anyone here

  5. larry says :

    I ordered 5 jackhere auto seeds from royal seed one of the five autofem jack herer is not a fem at all it is def %100 male autoflowering seeds are relitively exspensive so would like to breed but am very very worried about the rest of my crop how well do i have to segrigate my breeding or my male plant???

    • glennpanik says :

      That’s a lucky punch getting a male – a lot of people would love one to create their own supply of autoflowering seeds! You do have to completely separate the male to be sure you don’t pollinate all your female buds. I suggest you take him out of your grow area and harvest pollen. Simply hold a small clean paper cup or glass underneath the male flowers when they are ready to open (they are ready just a couple days after they appear!) and agitate the flower, letting the pollen fall down into the cup. Then, using a small paintbrush, you can gather pollen on the brush and selectively pollinate a few buds on your female plants. The safest bet is to pick some lower-branch buds so the pollen doesn’t continue to fall from upper buds to lower and pollinate too many. Then add an additional light – even one extra 20-30W CFL bulb will suffice – to add extra light to that lower bud to help the seeds mature well. You’ll have plenty of seeds this way, but they will of course be mixed male and female. Good luck! GP

  6. Peggie says :

    Can you tell the difference in a auto flower seed and a regular seed

  7. Sheila A Thompson says :

    Yes, you can tell the sex just looking at the seeds… :~}

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