Wild Ruderalis Marijuana Plants Grown Indoors – Cannabis Ruderalis

Wild Cannabis Ruderalis Plant Grown Indoors

Wild Cannabis Ruderalis Plant Grown Indoors

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Last fall, we collected seeds from wild C. Ruderalis marijuana plants growing along roadsides and in fallow land (see the post here). We planted them early last month, and they have grown rather well in their new indoor setting. As with their wild parents, they are of a rather short stature, with leaves of moderate with and strongly-toothed margins. The plants have given off none of the typical marijuana odor during their vegetative phase. A couple of weeks ago (previous post) we showed you a male plant that grew from our “wild weed seeds”, and now we’re pleased to report that the others are female plants.

Here are images of the seeds from that earlier post (click to enlarge):


You may notice that they are small and rather dark compared to most commercial seeds, although we have seen autoflowering variety seeds that are similar in appearance. The seeds took somewhat longer to sprout due to the harder shell. This is a common complaint among autoflowering variety  growers, and you can expect 2-3 days longer wait time before sprouting if you happen to receive the small/dark seed phenotype if you order an autoflowering variety from a seed bank.

It has been about 6 weeks since the seeds sprouted, and two of the plants are now showing flowers. Since we have kept the plants on a continuous 18 on/6 off light cycle, we can conclude that the plants are “autoflowering” – they need no light cycle change, but rather flower after a set vegetative growth period. Here is a closeup of the long, fine pistils of this now-tamed wild C. Ruderalis:


In the wild, this marijuana’s mother plant had produced buds with a strong orange/spice aroma, although due to the meager soil in which the plants grew, the buds were rather small. I’m hoping that with our home-grow TLC, we can entice these babies into producing thicker buds while maintaining that intoxicating orange liquer scent that I experienced last summer. Check back next month for the results!

best regards

glenn panik

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12 responses to “Wild Ruderalis Marijuana Plants Grown Indoors – Cannabis Ruderalis”

  1. Midowo says :

    I have also found some wild Ruderalis strains and am hoping to cross them to some regular high grade cannabis plants!
    Nice blog you got here! Will definitely be back for new posts!

  2. Eric says :

    Hi! Thanks for your posts. I also had a very similar experience to yours and have Ruderalis plants growing under CFL and they seem to be healthy and happy. I would love to see more pictures of your plant as it grows.


    • glennpanik says :

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for tuning in – I am behind on posting, and more is on the way soon. The plants are doing very well – I think a lot of prople will be surprised by the way the buds are turning out! cheers, Glenn Panik

    • bill says :

      I would like to find seeds for wild ruderalis if someone could help me out ,, seems most seed banks don’t offer them as a forsale item without cross breeding them.my email is bnr0233@sbcglobal.net ,, I would really appreciate any help

  3. robin says :

    How did they turned out?
    It’s for me unpossible to acquire ruderalis in Holland, maybe one of you can help?

    • glennpanik says :

      They don’t produce a lot of bud, but we got some very nice crosses out of the grow. I am surprised that in Holland, of all places, you’d have trouble getting ruderalis/autoflowering seeds. There should be plenty of seed shops that sell hybrids, perhaps one has a nearly pure ruderalis strain. I can’t recall exactly, but I thought I saw one once in one of the major seed seller’s catalogs… cheers GP

      • robin says :

        Autoflowering seeds are no problem at all, but pure ruderalis is very hard to find!
        Have been looking for them some time now, even contacted some seed banks, no luck 😦

  4. brandica says :

    I have some plants flowering but I am unsure whether it is c. sativa or c. ruderalis
    the wild plants I harvested fresh seeds from were 5-6ft tall
    I just need identification tips

    • glennpanik says :

      It’s impossible to say without looking at the mature plants. Do you know how long the plants grew before flowering? C. ruderalis is mainly identified by it’s *relatively* fast flowering time and smaller stature, but there are many variations. If you grow out some seeds, keep a notebook on the plant’s growth and when the plant begins flowering. These will be the clues you need for identification. best regards, GP

  5. brandica says :

    I have kept a log
    I induced flowering at 14 wks from sprout by switching my light cycle

    I even have a clone that has taken root and got it in veg.
    I have an indica plant from badseed if it is not female I intend to cross it with my unidentied clone for seeds 🙂

  6. Dennis says :

    Have you managed to grow some seeds from both autoflower parents, I would be very interested in such a pure strain in seed form. Thank you and lovely articles about this lovely plant!

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