100 Watt CFL Grow / Update#3: Two Week Birthday of Crossbreed Plants

Here’s a short post to show you the plant progress under 100 Watts of 6500k CFL lighting. The third photo is of the Dinafem Critical+ plant, which (as noted in previous posts) is a few days older than our cross-bred plants, which sprouted two weeks ago today. We have culled one plant, and now have five in the grow cabinet. Of these five, we hope at least three will be female so we can show you each plant type all the way to harvest under 100 Watts of lighting – a very budget-friendly marijuana growing technique.

First, here is the Royal Queens Seeds “Royal Automatic” x Sensi/White Label Double Gum cross. There are two of these plants, and they are the most vigorous of the lot. If they turn out to be Autoflowering, they will be very impressive indeed!

Royal Queen Seeds "Royal Automatic" Crossed With White Label "Double Gum", 2 Weeks Old

Royal Queen Seeds “Royal Automatic” Crossed With White Label “Double Gum”, 2 Weeks Old

Next up is a Sensi Seeds/White Label “Double Gum” cross with Sensi/WL “Afghan Kush”. So far, these plants are lagging behind in growth rate, although they look otherwise completely healthy. If need be, they can stay in the vegetative phase a few days longer than the other plants in order to catch up. In my experience, a plant’s rate of growth is not necessarily indicative of the final bud quality – some slow vegetative growers produce bombastic buds. Notice the very wide, Indica-influenced leaves on this plant. That trait is certainly from Momma Kush’s side of the family:

Double Gum/ Afghan Kush cross, at 2 Weeks Old

Double Gum/ Afghan Kush cross, at 2 Weeks Old

The Dinafem Critical+ plant (the only feminized-seed plant in the bunch) has had a few days jump start, and will be getting a “topping” trim in a few more days. The trim will keep the final plant height more manageable within the confines of a small grow. Here’s how she looks at this point – notice the deeper, more Sativa-influenced blades in the leaves:

Dinafem Critical+ 18 days old

Dinafem Critical+ 18 days old

That’s all for now – just a brief peek at the plants on their 2 week birthday. Next time around, we’ll have a close look at the Critical+ plant before and after topping, so you can learn how and when to trim your plants if you want to keep them in a small enclosure.

Best Regards,

Glenn Panik

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